Bike Rack Instructions

All of WATA's buses and trolleys are equipped with simple-to-use front bike racks, offering more flexibility and convenience for your daily commute. Whether you're taking your bike for a spin on our local bike trails, pedaling part of your journey by necessity, 
or just out exploring town, we'll be here!

*Please be aware that, for safety reasons, bus operators are unable to leave the bus to assist you with the bike rack. The passenger assumes responsibility for properly loading, securing, and unloading their bicycle.
A red bus with a bike rack on the front, holding a bicycle

Step 1

As the bus approaches, have your bicycle ready to load. Indicate to the driver that you are going to load a bike. If there is already one bike on the rack, skip to step 3.
A hand, gripping and squeezing the handle of a bus bike rack to release and open it

Step 2

If the bike rack is folded up, squeeze the handle of the bike rack upward to release the folded rack and then pull the rack down.
Left side of a bus bike rack with a bicycle placed in to show correct tire placement

Step 3

Lift your bicycle onto the rack, placing the wheels in the marked slots of the rack. If there aren't any other bicycles on the rack, place your bicycle in the slot nearest to the bus.
A bicycle with it's tire secured in a bus bike rack by the support arm of the rack

Step 4

Pull the hook outward and raise the support arm as far up onto the wheel of your bicycle as possible, resting it on the front tire. Make sure that the hook is not resting on the fender or frame. Do not lock the bike to the rack, but do make sure that it is secure before boarding. Check your bike to make sure there are no loose items that could fall off during the trip. Loose items, including shopping bags and helmets, must be taken on board the bus with the passenger.