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Gray Line (Linea Gris)

Williamsburg Transportation Center to Newport News (Lee Hall)

Williamsburg Transportation Center - 6:00a, 7:00a, 8:00a, 9:00a, 10:00a, 11:00a, 12:00p, 1:00p, 2:00p, 3:00p, 4:00p, 5:00p, 6:00p, 7:00p, (8:00p, 9:00p)

Best Western Patrick Henry - 6:03a, 7:03a, 8:03a, 9:03a, 10:03a, 11:03a, 12:03p, 1:03p, 2:03p, 3:03p, 4:03p, 5:03p, 6:03p, 7:03p, (8:03p, 9:03p)

Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder - 6:05a, 7:05a, 8:05a, 9:05a, 10:05a, 11:05a, 12:05p, 1:05p, 2:05p, 3:05p, 4:05p, 5:05p, 6:05p, 7:05p, (8:05p, 9:05p)

Country Inn and Suites - 6:08a, 7:08a, 8:08a, 9:08a, 10:08a, 11:08a, 12:08p, 1:08p, 2:08p, 3:08p, 4:08p, 5:08p, 6:08p, 7:08p, (8:08p, 9:08p)

Quality Inn at Kingsmill - 6:12a, 7:12a, 8:12a, 9:12a, 10:12a, 11:12a, 12:12p, 1:12p, 2:12p, 3:12p, 4:12p, 5:12p, 6:12p, 7:12p, (8:12p, 9:12p)

Williamsburg Marriott Hotel - 6:14a, 7:14a, 8:14a, 9:14a, 10:14a, 11:14a, 12:14p, 1:14p, 2:14p, 3:14p, 4:14p, 5:14p, 6:14p, 7:14p, (8:14p, 9:14p)

Busch Gardens England Entrance - 9:19a, 10:19a, 11:19a, 12:19p, 1:19p, 2:19p, 3:19p, 4:19p, 5:19p, 6:19p, 7:19p, (8:19p, 9:19p)

Windy Hill Market - 6:24a, 7:24a, 8:24a, 9:24a, 10:24a, 11:24a, 12:24p, 1:24p, 2:24p, 3:24p, 4:24p, 5:24p, 6:24p, 7:24p, (8:24p, 9:24p)

Wal-Mart Distribution Center - 6:29a, 7:29a, 8:29a, 9:29a, 10:29a, 11:29a, 12:29p, 1:29p, 2:29p, 3:29p, 4:29p, 5:29p, 6:29p, 7:29p, (8:29p, 9:29p)

Newport News (Lee Hall) - 6:30a, 7:30a, 8:30a, 9:30a, 10:30a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 1:30p, 2:30p, 3:30p, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p, 7:30p, (8:30p, 9:30p)

Wal-Mart Distribution Center to Williamsburg Transportation Center

Wal-Mart Distribution Center - 6:32a, 7:32a, 8:32a, 9:32a, 10:32a, 11:32a, 12:32p, 1:32p, 2:32p, 3:32p, 4:32p, 5:32p, 6:32p, 7:32p, (8:32p, 9:32p)

Windy Hill Market - 6:35a, 7:35a, 8:35a, 9:35a, 10:35a, 11:35a, 12:35p, 1:35p, 2:35p, 3:35p, 4:35p, 5:35p, 6:35p, 7:35p, (8:35p, 9:35p)

Williamsburg Marriott Hotel - 6:42a, 7:42a, 8:42a, 9:42a, 10:42a, 11:42a, 12:42p, 1:42p, 2:42p, 3:42p, 4:42p, 5:42p, 6:42p, 7:42p, (8:42p, 9:42p)

Country Inn and Suites - 6:48a, 7:48a, 8:48a, 9:48a, 10:48a, 11:48a, 12:48p, 1:48p, 2:48p, 3:48p, 4:48p, 5:48p, 6:48p, 7:48p, (8:48p, 9:48p)

Crowne Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder - 6:51a, 7:51a, 8:51a, 9:51a, 10:51a, 11:51a, 12:51p, 1:51p, 2:51p, 3:51p, 4:51p, 5:51p, 6:51p, 7:51p, (8:51p, 9:51p)

Best Western Patrick Henry - 6:54a, 7:54a, 8:54a, 9:54a, 10:54a, 11:54a, 12:54p, 1:54p, 2:54p, 3:54p, 4:54p, 5:54p, 6:54p, 7:54p, (8:54p, 9:54p)

Williamsburg Transportation Center - 7:00a, 8:00a, 9:00a, 10:00a, 11:00a, 12:00p, 1:00p, 2:00p, 3:00p, 4:00p, 5:00p, 6:00p, 7:00p, 8:00p, (9:00p, 10:00p)

No transfer connection after 8:00 p. (10:00p. SUMMER TIMES)