Transit Strategic Plan

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Evolving WATA

What is Evolving WATA? 

Evolving WATA is an opportunity for residents, institutions, and leaders in the region to review, consider, and perhaps make a significant shift in the direction of its transit service over the next 10 years. 

Since development and travel patterns change over time, it is important to take a step back, reassess goals, and think about the transit network holistically. This is an opportunity to assess whether the existing transit system is meeting the region’s mobility needs and, if not, how WATA might adjust to better meet the region’s goals

This study will work to decide where transit service should go in the future, when it should run, and how frequently it should operate. 

Where are we now

We analyzed the existing network and came up with two conceptual networks. We asked the public what they think. The WATA Board of Directors will provide direction for the future Draft Network.

Pre-Covid Network

Transit Network Concepts

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For questions or comments, please email Iyanla XO, Marketing and Administrative Specialist at or call the WATA offices at 757-220-5493.

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