Planning & Development

WATA Transit Development Plan (TDP) and Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)

A Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a short-range transit plan that outlines the services that a transit system intends to implement during a six-year planning horizon, estimates what resources will be needed, and what funding opportunities are likely to be available. The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) requires that any public transit (bus, rail, ferry) operator receiving state funding prepare, adopt, and submit a TDP at least every six years. 

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority’s previous TDP was completed in FY2009 and outlined planning years FY2010 through FY2015. This TDP update for WATA highlights the transit program for FY2017-FY2022. In conjunction with the TDP, a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) has also been completed. The COA is a more detailed look at specific areas of operation, including routes, staffing, and the preparation of a passenger profile.

Most Recent TDP/COA for FY17-FY22

WATA Schedules and Trip Planning Data (GTFS)

GTFS, or the General Transit Feed Specification, is the standard format used by many transit agencies to release schedule and trip planning information. Please note that this data will be updated at least yearly.

Developers, if you've developed an app using WATA's GTFS data, please let us know by emailing