Service Changes

Effective August 19, 2019

System Wide

As time moves on we see local businesses and landmark locations change through the years. In an effort to keep our stop names up to date we have updated our naming convention, and locations throughout the system.


Route 1: Lee Hall

Stop 1061, Pocahontas Trl at Carter’s Village will be relocated. This stop has been moved slightly north on Rt 60 towards the new Skiffes Creek connector. This stop will now utilize the new bus shelter that has been installed.

Route 8: William and Mary

Timepoints have been adjusted for Route 8. There are no changes to the route or stops, but please check your stop on the timetable for the new departure time.

Route 9: Toano

Timepoints have been adjusted for Route 9. There are no changes to the route or stops, but please check your stop on the timetable for the new departure time.

Route 11: Lackey

Route 11 will no longer travel down Rt 60 to make the connection at Lee Hall. From the JCC Government Center Route 11 will take Rt 143 from Williamsburg down to the Lee Hall transfer. Please pay attention the departure time of your stop as some changes may have been made due to the new path.

Stops Removed:

  • 1050, Pocahontas Trl at Busch Gardens
  • 1127. Merrimac Trl at Colonial Health

Stops Added:

  • 1900, Jefferson Ave at Burger King
  • 1107. Tam-O-Shanter Blvd at Merrimac Trl

Route 1 & 11:

The bus stop at 7-Eleven on Pocahontas Trl and the bus stop on Battery Blvd at Riverside will be moved to a single stop location. The new stop will be on Battery Blvd located by the 7-Eleven. WATA and 7-Eleven have partnered together to add a bus shelter to this location, with estimated completion by February 2020.

Effective August 26, 2018

Route 14

The Trolley route has been revamped! Now serving additional destinations on Richmond Rd., patrons can grab a quick lunch in New Town and catch our new Red White and Blue Trolley over to Merchants Square, and Colonial Williamsburg. Visit the route page here.

**Update as of March 12,2019, One Tribe Place has also been added.

New Stops:

  • 1036, N. Boundary St. (at Merchants Square)
  • 1802, Scotland St. (at Tribe Square) 
  • 1004, Richmond Rd. (at Peter Chang)
  • 1077, Monticello Ave. (at Ritas Ice)
  • 1002, Richmond Rd. (at One Tribe Place)

Route 8

Welcome back William and Mary students and staff, we've heard your feedback. Please take notice around campus to the changes we have made. We have tweaked Route 8 a little bit to improve the frequency of the route to 30 minutes! Visit the route page here.

New Stops:

  • 1800, Brooks St. (at Richmond Hall)