Trip Planning!

For Mobile Trip Planning

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WATA is proud to officially endorse Transit as the best app for trip planning in real-time information. With Transit, you can easily plan your trip with up-to-the-minute accuracy and view departure times for nearby routes. Download the Transit app today.

For more information on how to use the Transit app click here.

For Desktop Trip Planning

Google Maps

WATA publishes real time GTFS data to google maps. This allows you, as the end user, to plan a trip from start to finish and see in real time the current status of your route. This function allows the user several options including planning a trip with a specific arrival time in mind!

Equans Live Map

WATA has partnered with Equans to present a new user map experience. Using the live map you can filter by route, or select a specific stop within the WATA system. Once the stop has been selected you will be able to get the stop code, and real time arrival predictions.